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Monchiero Carbone: Our Products
Monchiero Carbone: Our Products
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L'Armangia di Ignazio Giovine

Since 1750 Giovine Family own vineyards on Sant` Antonio hill in Canelli (Asti) and in 1850 they were already wine producers. However, in 1988, Mr. Ignazio Giovine started his adventure with only 4 ha producing predominantly white wines. Today, L`Armangia winery lays upon over 11 ha and they produce also red wines, Barbera and Monferrato style, and sweet wines, like Moscato. In the cellar we like to work and interfere as less as we can to have clean, complex and typical wines.

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Moscato D'Asti DOCG

Giovanni Sordo: Our Products
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Barbera D'Asti DOCG

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