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The vineyards, all owned since 1997, are located in two distinct areas of the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC. The first vineyard is located in the hills of Premariacco, in the hottest and southernmost area of the DOC. Influenced by the heat from the sea, it offers grapes for the production of our fuller-bodied and more structured Cru wines, such as Vespa Bianco, Vespa Rosso, Plus and Calabrone. In Cividale, 10 miles to the north and cooled by mountain breezes, our vineyards here produce the grapes for the fresh, aromatic wines of the Vini Orsone line.

"The wine we drink has a rich history, it is part of a deep-rooted tradition and sometimes travels the whole world to get to our table."

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Sauvignon "Vigne Orsone" 

Sauvignon Bastianich.jpg
Monchiero Carbone: Our Products

Friulano "Vigne Orsone"


Schioppettino "Vigne Orsone" 

Monchiero Carbone: Our Products

Vespa Rosso

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Monchiero Carbone: Our Products
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Vespa Bianco

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