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Caccia al Piano 1868

The Caccia al Piano tenuta, or wine estate, is set into the enchanting winegrowing environment of Bolgheri, where the perfect combination of Mediterranean climate and limestone-clay soils has created a terroir ideal for yielding world-class wines. The romantic Via Bolgherese, whose acclaimed cypresses border a wealth of vineyards and olive groves, frames winemaker Franco Ziliani’s new adventure in creating wines that always leave their mark. The Bolgheri terroir has amply proved its ability, over a lengthy arc of years, to produce wines that are both attractive and approachable in their youth and yet fully capable as well of confronting long cellaring with verve and exquisite balance. Unreservedly adopting this tradition, Caccia al Piano adheres to a winemaking philosophy that strives to both showcase the characteristics of its four crus and to produce a distinctive blend of the vineyards.

Monchiero Carbone: Text

Bolgheri DOC Ruit Hora


Bolgheri DOC Superiore

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