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Caparra & Siciliani

Wine producers since the nineteenth century, the Caparra & Siciliani families have a solid agrarian and wine-growing tradition in particular. In 1963, making common treasure of these experiences, the "CAPARRA & SICILIANI" was born. The company operates exclusively in the area of "Cird" and of the "classic Cirò", working the grapes from the vineyards owned by the members, extended for about 213 Ha. The "CAPARRA & SICILIANI" has a technologically organized modern wine establishment and the total capacity of 31,000 HI., divided into 110 vinary vases, distributed on three floors, in addition to 150 oak barrels "Allier".

Monchiero Carbone: Text

Ciro' DOC Rosso Classico "Solagi" 


Ciro' Classico Superiore "LX"

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