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Monchiero Carbone: Our Products
Monchiero Carbone: Our Products
La Sinta

The estate, located in Lombardy in Northern Italy, in the municipality of Collebeato (Brescia), adjacent to Franciacorta, borders gentle slopes and lies on the first slopes of the Alps. The entire estate is completely enclosed with a high stone wall dating back to the fourteenth century, and in the past the denomination that distinguishes the estate and the cellar "La Sinta" in the local dialect originated today. La Sinta estate is managed with vineyards and orchards and the noble family MAZZOLA PANCIERA DI ZOPPOLA BONA, the sole owner, has recently taken steps to renew and update the plants with selected vines from which a flower must is spontaneously extracted which, through essential, traditional and natural, gives rise to the particular wines that characterize its producti

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Merlot IGP Col Beato

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