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Terre de la Custodia

Over the centuries our family collects the results of the Umbrian land and, with passion and experience, transforms them in precious wine. A history that is handed down and enriched year after year, who rises from a land where the unique nature can be perceived in every glass, from the first sip. Here is the heart of Terre de la Custodia, where the grapes become emotions. The Winery lies on Gualdo Cattaneo hills, only 5 km from historic center of Montefalco. The vines cultivated from the Middle Ages by Franciscan friars have found here a fertile land with ideal climate conditions where to perfectly express themselves, obtaining powerful, charismatic and deeply elegant wines.

Monchiero Carbone: Text

Sangiovese DOC Colli Martani

Monchiero Carbone: Text

Montefalco Grechetto DOC

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