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V8+ Vineyards

"At V8+ we interpret the most light-hearted, sparkling and fun spirit of Prosecco. A wine to be shared, made for getting together. A new concept of quality, within everyone’s reach. We are the Prosecco that speaks for itself. We open up its culture and specificities, to make sure that everyone can discover the extraordinary and multi-faceted world behind bubbly."


V8+ only produces Prosecco. A belief that has become a distinctive trademark. Their strong specialization in Prosecco has led them to put quality at the center of the entire production process. They select Glera grapes from the most renowned CDO vineyards in Veneto, including the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene and cru Cartizze areas. They strictly follow the Martinotti method, involving wine refermentation in steel pressure tanks at controlled temperature. 

Prosecco DOC Extra Dry "Sandro"

V8_SANDRO 2.png
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